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See What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Spinal Decompression… and Their Results!

doug"I had so much pain in my back and into my right leg I couldn't believe I could hurt that much. I couldn't sleep because it hurt every time I moved. It took me 15 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. Sitting or driving was unbearable. The results I've had on the DRX have been incredible. The relief I've gotten has completely exceeded my expectations. I look forward to becoming active and resuming my previous life"

Doug Nash of Gridley

john"I would recommend this procedure to anyone. As the treatments progressed the severity of pain lessened through my legs and I was able to wald more for longer periods of time with less pain and without my walker. I would like to compliment the office on their eagerness to please and professionalism"

Johnny Shinn of Oroville

"I fix houses for a living. My back pain was keeping me from work and I couldn't play and exercise because I hurt so bad. Since I finished treatment on the DRX I feel great. I'm working out almost ever day and my back feels great."
Gordon Santos of Oroville

"I had difficulty walking because of the numbness in my leg and foot. After the DRX my leg and foot feel normal again and I don't give walking a second thought. It works!".
Jim Barker of Paradise

"I was unhappy and depressed because of the pain in my neck. I was taking lots of medication and had to be worried about every movement because of the fear of my neck hurting more. After the DRX treatments with Dr. McCowan I know my neck is healed, it feels wonderful. I can lift things without pain, sit up right without wanting to go lie down until the pain subsides. I'd like to say thank you to the entire staff at Chico Back and Neck Pain Center for being part of my healing process for my neck. I really felt confident with the good help I received, loved the hospitality and freindliness of the staff...very caring people."
Virginia Nash of Redding

"I would recommend this treatment to anyone. The protocol was thorough and the doctor and tech's were competent. I had numbness in my left arm and hand and couldn't turn my neck without turning my whole body to see. My numbness is now 90% gone and my neck I can turn easily without pain. I seem to have more flexibility and balance as well. It's been a very enjoyable experience and I'll miss the reminder calls. Dr. McCowan is a good guy who cares a lot about his patients. I can't wait to get back to bowling and playing golf!"
William Bertram of Oroville

"This program that Dr. McCowan has developed has helped me considerably. I'm able to do things I've not been able to do for a long time. I used to have numbness in both feet and constant pain in my lower back and left leg. I, also, was not able to pick things off the floor. I still have a little numbness in my left foot, but my back and leg pain is gone, I feel great. I can now walk farther, stand longer, and work on home projects without constant pain and discomfort. I'd like to thank the staff and Chico Back and Neck Pain Center very much!"
Gary Brugstahler of Oroville

"I had tried all kinds of other treatments before getting on the DRX; manipulation, medications, traction- nothing helped for very long. I was depressed, worried and my pain was constantly at an 8 or 9 out of 10. Now I feel great! I have my life back. I can walk, shop, travel, go back to work... none of which I could have done 6 weeks ago before treatment with Dr. McCowan. I will miss everybody at Chico Back and Neck Pain Center. Thanks for helping me through the process.
Mamie Schell of Chico

"I was nervous about the risk of committing this kind of time and money into something that might not work. But any opportunity to be pain free was worth the risk. Now that I've finished the treatment I can tell everyone that it is definitely worth it. I had back pain and leg pain all the time. Sitting, standing and almost all activity made it worse. For the first time in years I have periods of no pain. The biggest improvement that I can appreciate is being able to make it through the work day without extreme pain. I would like to thank everyone at Chico Back and Neck Pain Center for their compassion and understanding. The support and encouragement that I got made a big difference in my healing. This process has changed my life. Every activity is more enjoyable now that I am not in constant pain! Even though I believed the process would work, I never imagined I could feel this good! I'm so happy that I don't have to plan my life around my back pain anymore!
Sara Martinez of Chico

"I feel like a different person! For the first time in years I don't wake up in the morning with back pain. I used to get electric shocks down my legs that would cause them to jump up and go into severe cramps. I'm not using my walker anymore. I'm getting stronger everyday. I would recommend the DRX 9000 to anyone, it works!"
Donald Bloomstine of Chico

" I felt terrible just over a month ago, and have for a long time. The pain in my lower leg was so intense it took everything in me to get through the day. The DRX and Dr. McCowan's protocol helped me so much. Just being able to walk without pain is so wonderful. Everyone in the office was great and I was very happy with the service. Thank you for giving me my life back!"
Louise Power of Chico

"I received immediate relief! I had leg weakness and pain along with lower back pain. It was extremely difficult to walk, sit or stand. I am now pain free! My legs are stronger and able to walk now without the weakness. I'm sleeping better at night too. The office staff at Chico Back and Neck Pain Center are the best I have ever seen in any office that I have ever been in. After 70 years of back trouble, failed surgery, ineffective spinal injections, countless visits to the physical therapist and chiropractor, I can now say that I am pain free. It took a visit to Dr. McCowan's office to find out that there was a way that relief could be found. He looked over my imaging studies, found the troubled area and told be that I should be able to help from the DRX 9000. After the first treatment I was again able to walk with very little help. After the first series of treatments I got rid of the cane. I have found Dr. McCowan to be totally dedicated to helping his patients. If he cannot help you he will tell you so. I feel so good that I am thinking of taking up golf again, after being forced to give it up years ago because of my back problem. Thank God for Dr. McCowan and his staff!
Maynard Hartman of Oroville

"I would recommend the DRX 9000 and Dr. McCowan's protocol because it helped me and it can help others like me. I was in pain all the time, to where I couldn't stand or clean my house for any time at all. These days I feel 75% better and I can clean my house and stand for long periods of time without crying! The staff were excellent, very friendly and helpful. Since experiencing the DRX treatments I am able to do more things around my house, go for walks and even pick up my grandson. Before this treatment all those things used to bring me nothing but pain and tears. Now I can enjoy doing the things I used to do before the pain in my back got this bad. Thank you very much Dr. McCowan and staff!
Bobbie Caravez of Chico

I used to experience neck pain and headaches all the time. The only relief was advil and even that didn't take away all the pain. The excellent staff and superior service I received at Chico Back and Neck Pain Center during my treatment program was a refreshing change from all my other doctor office experiences. I have no more headaches and the neck pain is 98% better! My neck range of motion is normal again and the lack of pain allows me to concentrate on my busy work schedule. These DRX treatments have truly been life changing to me. I work hard and play hard. I can do these things with virtually no pain compared to before the treatment. I would recommend Dr. McCowan's DRX protocol to anyone!
Chuck Aulabaugh of Chico

I would recommend the DRX 9000 because it works! I feel good now. The most important thing is that none of the pain is felt that was there when I started. The sciatic pain is gone. I am now able to work an 8 hour shift without feeling any pain. I feel like I am actually healed instead of just covering up the pain.
Jared Berry of Chico.

I would highly recommend this treatment because it worked for me. The biggest improvement has been less pain overall and getting strength back in my legs. My favorite part of the treatment was being on the DRX machine, it's so comfortable. My advice to people would be don't give up, it works! I'm 79 and getting younger! I feel 90% better than I did when I first came in six weeks ago!
June Lewis of Chico

"The DRX 9000 has taken the pain away! Now I have more energy and the ability to last longer through the day. The relief of pain gives me hope for the future when I thought that all that lied ahead was debilitating pain."
Patrick Johnson of Oroville

"I had tried all kinds of treatments that were supposed to help my back, nothing worked for more than a couple days at a time. After the DRX I have almost no pain and everyday I get better even still. I really appreciate the endurance I now have when standing or walking. I am so glad I decided to get on Dr. McCowan's machine."
Mark Schumaker of Chico

"My low back pain was constant. Sitting, sleeping, walking... it all hurt. Now I rarely notice my back at all and I drive all over the place with work. The DRX works and if you have chronic back pain you should give it a try."
Shuan Pata of Hamilton City

"I would recommend the DRX treatment. I have almost no back pain and I can go through the day without constantly being reminded of the pain in my back. It has worked for me and I'm so glad I gave it a try."
David Rothe of Forest Ranch

"I had shooting pain down the back and sides of my legs. My neck was really restricted in movement and there was a lot of pain. I feel so good that now I ride my bike to work and am doing karate classes with my two boys. You get awesome pain relief while getting an afternoon nap."
Mike Thomas of Chico

"The DRX works! I had a pain in my lower leg that felt like I had been shot. Nothing was helping it and the pain was keeping me from the things I like to do. I now have no pain and am back to doing everything I want and enjoy"
Bill Jenkins of Chico

"I came in with unbearable pain and now twenty treatments later I am 95% pain free! I noticed the improvement within two weeks and the treatments were so relaxing that I actually fell asleep. I would recommend this treatment to anyone because of how fast the relief is. The staff and Dr. McCowan made me feel very comfortable and showed real concern about all aspects of the treatment".
Don Houle of Chico

"Dr. McCowan has been my doctor for several years. He recommended I try spinal decompression for my chronic back pain. I'm glad he did. My back hasn't felt this good in years and I'm thankful for the relief I now have".
Linda Land-Smith of Chico


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